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The Parents Nook was started last year, through our bi-weekly newsletter, "The Full Court Press". It is a means of keeping an effective flow of communication from league officials to all parents, caregivers, and players. The Parents Nook will have information such as important dates, upcoming events, other YMCA Sports, interesting little tidbits, and much more! Please take the opportunity to read through it once a week and bring yourself up to speed on all YMCA basketball current events.

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...And They Just Keep Coming Back!
November 19, 2007
By Fred Braun, Director

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all of the returning families as well as all of our new families to YMCA basketball. I am really excited about our 2007-2008 school year! This year we have our returning referees Rex and David, as well as UMASS college students Ike and Bisi to help fill in when needed.

Aside from having referees that are committed to helping children excel at the sport of basketball, I have also been very fortunate enough to have a HUGE return rate for coaches! Almost all of our coaches from the spring season have retuned to coach again in the fall! I think that says something about the commitment and passion that our volunteer coaches have for this program!

With experienced staff, referees and coaches I am looking very forward to working with everyone in the 2007-2008 school year. At the Greater Lowell Family YMCA we are constantly striving to serve as many families as possible! Every year we try and get as many children as we can involved with youth sports here at the YMCA. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you wish to join our excellent staff of volunteer coaches please feel free to contact me at 978-454-7825 or by email.
Parent's Nook - 1/13/07
January 13, 2007

- Welcome to Winter Basketball, this is our largest season of the year!

- Due to our new gym floors we are making an extra effort to keep all food and beverages out of the gym. Water will still be allowed, but other drinks and snacks must remain in the hallway. Thank you for doing your part!

- Youth Soccer and Karate start next weekend (January 20th), signups are still being taken at the front desk.

- Believe it or not, all coaches are volunteers! Don’t forget to thank them for being outstanding role models for our kids!
Welcome Back..
December 7, 2006
By Fred Braun, Youth Director

I would like to thank everyone for signing up for our fall 2 mini season. This is the first time we have ever tried a mini season and I hope that your family enjoys it. On behalf of the Greater Lowell Family YMCA I would like to welcome you all to our basketball program. For those of you that have been a part of YMCA basketball before in the past (I know there are a great deal of you out there), you all know and understand that our program is all about the kids! Here is how we are improving for the 2006-2007 school year:
- Youth basketball is now ages 9-10 (I didn’t think it was fair for younger 7 year olds to be playing with older 10 year old children).
- The addition of Pee Wee Basketball for ages 7-8.
- The addition of a fall mini season (4 seasons total).
- New and improved gym floors (please refrain from food and beverages in the gym).
Repainted gym walls.
- Along with Rex (the best referee in Lowell), we now have added Lowell High School Varsity player, David Brown to our referee squad. Please say hello to him and welcome him to our family.

I hope that you and your family enjoy our program, and come back for more. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 978-454-7825 or on email at Don’t forget to check out our awesome website
The Director's Depot: Thanks to our sports parents!
May 15, 2006
By James Lozano, Director of Operations

You are so important! You come to practice and games. Some buy sports drinks, while others make sure their children have the best sneakers ever. But I really want to thank for supporting your budding sports athlete. Win or lose, you are there. You say statements like “I saw you shoot / dribble / run” “You did such a Good Job” and “I’m so proud of you…” These little words for your child mean everything. Staff works to create an environment so that these little words can be spoken by you. You are why; we are successful in delivering the Greater Lowell Family YMCA mission. I can’t say enough,
 Thank You Parents!!
Communication is fundamental to success
February 22, 2006
By Rich Devlin, Jr. Div., Sonics Parent

Ask any coach or player what is the most important element to a team working well, and they will tell you it is communication. Communication underlies the core values of the Y basketball program.
Good, clear communication is critical, not only for the players, but for the coaches. Whether it is practice or a game, it is important for the players to understand what the coach is asking for, and in turn for the coach to be clear with the players.
When matching up in a man-to-man defense, it is important for the floor captain to verify that each person knows their assignment. "Do you know who you are covering?" followed by "You are covering #6, correct?" Verifying critical communication through duplicity is often the difference between success and failure. Anyone asking a question of another, and expecting an answer, even if it's the one they expect,
should ask twice to make sure that there is no
Handling critical communications through verification can help you and your teams enjoy the game of basketball more at the Y.
Some Career Choices...
February 22, 2006
By Steven Diagle, Jr. Div. Cavaliers Coach

The YMCA Basketball program provides a great opportunity for kids and parents to enjoy a sport. The love of sports lasts a lifetime. I am going to mention some different careers built up around sports. Combining education with a love of sports into a job will keep you looking young for years—check out Fred, he is looking great at 59 (lots of laughter) some serious people thinking, “ I thought he was older” (more laughter). Youth Director is one of the career paths open to people today. There are many, many more.
Coaching, sports medicine, I have a relative who was assistant Trainer for the Portland Seadogs, all kinds of vendors selling equipment or novelties and of course Sports Lawyers. (Agents)
My next-door neighbor helps pay her college education by working at Loch Monster games. Another friend works as an usher part time at Fenway, Gillette Stadium and TD BankNorth Garden.
One of my boyhood friends, Dan Shaunghnessy, combined his writing education (Holy Cross) with his passion for sports and is now a featured sports columnist for the Boston Globe. Another friend, who hurt his knee in high school, joined together his photography skills with sports. He is now a cameraman for the World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. (boo) Both of these guys get to travel to all the great cities of our country, see all the ballparks and eat all the Hot-Dogs they want.
Another cool job associated with sports is the popular mascot. It must be like Halloween everyday, and getting paid for it. Lucky the Leprechaun is a good example. I bet he has a big “pot of gold”.
So enjoy sports and study hard, the results are certainly worth it.
YMCA Volunteers
October 10, 2005
- All basketball coaches are volunteers and serve as a very important role in helping the YMCA build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. Don’t forget to thank your coach!