Bitty Ball Division

Pee-Wee Basketball: Another new Bitty Sports Production!

Pee-Wee Basketball is the next step up from Bitty Basketball, serving children ages 7-8. Pee-Wee basketball meets once a week on Saturday mornings at 10:30am and consists of 20 minutes of drills and 40 minute games. Teams will be made on the first day of the session and each player receives a jersey and an award.

Bitty Basketball:

Come join the fun on Saturday mornings at the YMCA. This basketball beginner program is designed for boys and girls 4-6 years old. Emphasis will be placed on dribbling, shooting, passing, teamwork, and having fun!

Itty-Bitty Basketball: A Bitty Sports Production

We're starting them young! The Greater Lowell Family YMCA is the only place in the community that offers basketball for 3 year olds! This brand new parent/tot class is designed for children ages 3 and 4 years old to run around the gym and learn the basics of basketball at a young age.

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News & Announcements

Being Involved in Bitty Sports...
January 13, 2007
By Phoenix Gaj, Bitty Sports Coordinator
As the coordinator in the Bitty Basketball program, my job has many aspects. I facilitate both the Itty Bitty and Bitty Basketball classes. I also get to hear all the amazing stories that these kids have to tell. Every Saturday morning, one of the little girls in my Itty Bitty Basketball class tells me that she is going to be a runner and she runs all over the court. This is how I spend my Saturday mornings, coaching kids. These children may or may not decide to become pro basketball players but they defiantly brighten my mornings. My job is to be there and teach them some lessons in basketball, while being perky and energetic. Being perky and energetic is easy for me and, it is the best part of my job description. The parts that aren’t mentioned are the many smiles that you as a coach put on the kids’ faces. I love my job and to me each child is just as special and just as amazing as all the others and that is the best part about my job aside from seeing the smile on all the kids’ faces every Saturday morning.
Parents and Kids Catch on to the Itty-Bitty Phenomenon!
October 11, 2005
By Laura Shanteler, Bitty Sports Coordinator

Our newest addition to the Bitty Sports program is for the smallest of our athletes. Itty Bitty Basketball is a parent-child basketball clinic for children ages 3 and 4. In this new clinic, the children are taught the very basics of the game of basketball. We focus mainly on dribbling, shooting, and passing, combining instructional direction with a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Parents are able to participate in helping to teach their children Those skills that we focus on during our clinic. However the children are able to interact with eachother as well. This allows them to have adult supervision, while also having other children to play with. The instructors look to provide opportunities for children to learn, have fun, and strengthen their basketball skills. The children are always supported with positive encouragement, and their progress is monitored each week so that they themselves can see improvements. This program is lots of fun and a perfect opportunity to introduce younger children to the game of basketball without the pressure of already knowing the basics. Itty Bitty Basketball also provides a great bridge for children when they are old enough to move up to the Bitty Basketball program, already having learned the basic skills and being in an atmosphere in which they have grown comfortable.


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